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Don’t let joint and muscle pain hold you back

Stay on top of your joint and muscle pain, with effective pain relief developed by Nurofen.

Don’t let joint and muscle pain hold you back

New adventures causing new aches and pains?

Your latest challenge disrupted by joint and muscle pain? Allow Nurofen, developed by experts, to help you continue seizing the day.

  • Laptop image | NurofenInjury

    Pain from sports injuries, falls or accidents

  • Heavy lifting

    Weights in the gym, heavy shopping or moving furniture around

  • Sitting for long periods of time

    It’s good to keep active, to reduce muscle stiffness

  • Over exercising

    Overdoing it in your workout can trigger muscle pains

How to relieve your joint and muscle pain

  • Rest the affected area if you can
  • Ice the affected area
  • Take Nurofen Express for joint and muscle pain that starts to get to work in 8 minutes* and lasts up to 8 hours.**
  • Did you know: Paracetamol doesn’t have anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why Ibuprofen, such as Nurofen can help to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Leave your joint and muscle pain to Nurofen

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  • *Refers to absorption
    **with a 400mg dose