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Your next challenge: Post game pain

Let our expert makers of Nurofen help to provide pain relief fast

Your next challenge: Post game pain

Pain after gaming can wipe out your day

You’re in it to win it. But when headaches and back pain kick in, it’s time to take a break and find pain relief with Nurofen. Did you know that paracetamol doesn’t have anti-inflammatory properties? That’s why ibuprofen, such as Nurofen, can be used to help treat back pains and headaches after a long day gaming.

  • Laptop image | NurofenLong screen time

    Headaches can be triggered after a day of video calls

  • Bad posture

    Sitting in awkward WFH positions can cause back pain

  • Dehydration

    Not drinking enough water during the day can cause headaches

  • Stress

    Work pressures can leave your body feeling tense and tight

How to relieve headaches and back pain

  • For the relief of headaches, there’s lots you can do, such as staying hydrated and reducing your screen time.
  • For back pain, it’s good to rest if you can and try some stretching exercises to relieve tension. You may even want to use heat or ice to relieve pain.
  • For both headaches and back pain, you might want to take a painkiller if you cannot find relief. Unlike paracetamol, ibuprofen, such as Nurofen has anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful in the treatment of back pain.
  • Take Nurofen Express for headache and back pain relief that starts to get to work in 8 minutes* and lasts up to 8 hours.**
  • Or try Nuromol Dual Action for faster acting, longer lasting pain relief than paracetamol.***

Leave your headache or back pain to Nurofen

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  • *Refers to absorption
    **with a 400mg dose
    *** two tablets vs 1000mg standard paracetamol. For verification please contact PO Box 4044, Slough, SL10NS