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Body Pain


Understanding back pain

The symptoms of lower back pain

- Aches

- Stiffness

- Muscle spasms

- Shooting or stabbing pain in your back and sometimes into one or both legs.

The causes of lower back pain

Lower back pain is extremely common, but it doesn’t just affect the middle-aged and elderly. Back pain symptoms in younger people are on the rise, according to the British Chiropractic Association. The BCA has warned that increasing numbers of under 30s are seeking help for lower backache caused by spending long periods sitting at desks and being active for fewer than two hours a day.

Lower back pain can be triggered by a number of lifestyle choices and medical conditions. 


Joints can be a pain

Joint pain (also known as rheumatic pain) can affect all of us at some time, particularly as we get older. You have hundreds of joints in your body designed to give you support and help you move with ease. But if your joints have been damaged by an injury or disease, it can cause aches and pains that affect your ability to move around normally.

Joint pain can be in a single joint or affect multiple joints at the same time. Any joint in your body can be affected, but knee pain is probably the most common.

What's causing your joint pain?

Joint pain can be caused by many different injuries or conditions. Examples of joint pain include:

- Overuse, stress or direct trauma to the joint (e.g. during exercise)

- Fractures that don’t heal properly

- Tendonitis (inflammation and irritation of a tendon) attached to a joint

- Sprains and strains of a ligament (e.g. sport’s injuries)

- Underlying disease (e.g. osteoarthritis, gout)

Dealing with the complex issue of lower back pain

If you’ve ever had a sore lower back, you’re not alone. Around 80% of people...

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Why your joints can be a pain

Joint pain (also known as rheumatic pain) can affect all of us at some time,...

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